Sunday, 24 July 2011

Swtiching View Points

Often you see people photographing the iconic Flinders St. Station. But what about photgraphing what you see looking out from within? I feel like it captures a little part of the Melbournian life style, crowds rushing to work, students on excursions, bikers going for a few K's, etc. So here's a peak :)


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Guerilla Art

For school we were taken to Hossier Lane in Melbourne City where there were graffiti walls to explore panorama's. The amount of raw and undeniable great stretches of art work was fascinating.

Here's a panorama of the lane followed by a few couple shots of side walls.

& Here's my favourite - a graffiti work by a person whos tag name is "Deb". I've also seen some of her work in other parts of the City, like this wall in Mag Nation.


A Red Letter Day

Walking around the city anything red just kept on popping infront of me. It's special significance is well, unspecified, but has always been an often unnoticed additive primary colour in the different aspects of our days. So i decided to shoot & here's some of them. #SMS

Blending Ho's : The Triplets

Model: Eric

For my very first blog post, i wanted it to be something more personal. So, here is a photo of one of my bestfriends Eric. :) #SMS